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Australian Telescope

In none of the places where the Melbourne Telescope was mentioned, did I find anything about the functionality of this mesh. Such a construction can only make sense if working with wave objects. Light, of course, is also a wave, but telescopes use ONLY the laws of geometric optics, where the wave properties of light are ignored.

Burn It All with a Blue Flame

So, we have a magical fire that consumes and destroys stones with bricks. Fortunately, this is not its only unique property. In order not to get bored, during the genocide of buildings, it amused itself by, sometimes diligently, bypassing trees, in some cases even leaving the foliage intact.

Mavro Orbini Project

I plan to write an article about each of the 286 names indexed in Mavro Orbini's Slavic Kingdom, 1601. Due to repetitions, there may be around 219 names. It will take a very long time.

Melted Megaliths and Settlements

The earth is full of megalithic structures, many of which can hardly be called natural formations, although the official version says they are. Most are mutilated beyond recognition; they clearly look man-made - though sometimes not so much. Did they witness wars, global cataclysms, merging/separating branches, or are they simply quirks of nature?

Chapter 12. Merging Branches and Falsifying History Using 1812 as an Example

There was a dramatic drop in the population. It's like everyone got up and went but no one went anywhere. Just disappeared. Everybody got off the ground and just disappeared. Cataclysm. Planned floods. We had to act tough. Wars were initiated by local structures, not from above. And floods were initiated for the purpose of civilizational replacement. Global sweeps of failed experiments.

The Grand Canyon in the USA - an ancient uranium quarry

The reforestation of the Crimea, as well as the entire planet, apparently began with the founding of the Botanical Gardens. When reading about Botanical Gardens, pay attention to the date of foundation, last name and country of the founder. For example, the date of foundation of the Nikitsky Botanical Garden in Yalta is 1811.

Atlantida-Pravda's Links

Links to various Atlantida-Pravda pages. Destination pages are in Russian and present a translation option once the page is fully loaded.

How Fast Does Stone Form?

Found in a stream in 1980 near Iraan, Texas, the cowboy boot contains a "petrified" human foot, demonstrating that fossils don't need millions of years to form.

Prehistoric Technology

But there is a "science" in which no one was allowed on the doorstep. We can clearly see that history is written to order. History is a weapon.

Nuclear Wars of the Past

Strange fuss over old cannonballs... evacuation of residents... they may explode... where they went, we don't know, the military took them away... It's always like this!

How Tartaria Died Part 6 - Destroyed Mountains

When I first heard about the nuclear war on Earth 200 years ago, I took it as crazy nonsense, but on the Internet there were Alexei Kungurov films which did not simply make empty statements but cited many concrete facts.

How Tartaria Died - Part 2 - Existing Theories

I am well aware that most people, under the influence of constant propaganda in the education system and the media, find it very difficult to believe that such a gigantic catastrophe could have happened 200 years ago. In the beginning, it was hard for me to believe it, too.

Planet Earth is a giant abandoned mine

Tens of millions more tons of precious metals were mined from the Dead Sea. Several tons of precious metals per day were mined in Baalbek, evaporating the largest river in ancient Lebanon, the Leonte. But they could have extracted the most from the Marianas Trench.