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gorojanin_iz_b's Forged History articles - Google-translated

It's about time we made a list post for material on history-fabrication and construction of 'historical artifacts'. Covering: Mysterious Civilizations of Pre-Columbian America. Mysteries and Unravellings. Part 1. The inscrutable Sacsayhuaman Part 2. The Mad Monuments of Cuzco Part 3. Delirium of the Architect of Tiwanaku Part 4. Ancient..."

The Mystery of the Easter Island Statues

From time to time I have made comments in various magazines about the mysterious Easter Island statues and the mystery of their movements around the island, which I have not collected together before now. It's about time for a proper post. I tried to find the earliest photo of the Easter Island icons. Wikipedia has only one early photo, allegedly from 1880...

About John Stow

It is not clear what he was actually doing, but at the age of 35 he suddenly became acquainted with famous antiquaries, and a year later he had already published a collection of the works of Chaucer: The woorkes of Geoffrey Chaucer, newly printed with divers additions whichever have never been in print before.

Chapter 12. Merging Branches and Falsifying History Using 1812 as an Example

There was a dramatic drop in the population. It's like everyone got up and went but no one went anywhere. Just disappeared. Everybody got off the ground and just disappeared. Cataclysm. Planned floods. We had to act tough. Wars were initiated by local structures, not from above. And floods were initiated for the purpose of civilizational replacement. Global sweeps of failed experiments.

Prehistoric Technology

But there is a "science" in which no one was allowed on the doorstep. We can clearly see that history is written to order. History is a weapon.