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Videos: Quarried Earth, Terraformed Earth

Earth, The Giant Ancient Mine, Fake Volcanoes, the Bosnian Pyramid and Petra. Source. English voiceover.

Earth is a giant mine of past civilizations. A review of WakeUpHuman's Quarried Earth article, which is available in English here. Reviewer follows WakeUpHuman's Google search instructions to show more photographs of deserted Eurasia and craters.

Planet Earth is a Giant Mined Out Quarry. Another review of WakeUpHuman's Quarried Earth video.

The Giant Quarry of Planet Earth; The Crimean Trail

15 Meters of Clay. Taman Crimean Bridge

Artificial Mountains. Selected observations. Parsing the evidence

Artificial dumps in Bashkiria. Evidence of Terraforming

Translator's note: This subtitles file is significantly better than the English subtitles available from used for the other subtitles on this page. You may want to watch this video before turning to the poorer quality subtitles.

How to create a false history of planet Earth

Giant maze and quarries in Pakistan

Giant black boulder. The second largest in the world

Ancient quarries, technology and geology of the Crimea are amazing

Utah's Ancient Quarries

Quarries of previous civilizations. Ambuk Mountain, Yergakii. Alexei Kungurov shows how some natural-looking rock-face features were created artificially.

Artifacts of previous civilizations. Two types of quarries

THE INVISIBLE IN PERU - Quarries of an unknown civilization

The most unusual abandoned quarries in Russia

From: Planet Earth is a giant abandoned mine

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