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Evidence Earth has been Quarried - Sibved

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Videos: Quarried Earth, Terraformed Earth

This page collects together videos on grand-scale quarrying and terraforming, with links to subtitles. Videos are from various Russian sources, primarily by Alexei Kungurov and from Oleg Nestyagin's 'Dark Side' YouTube channel. This page was a test of a third-party video translation service. It didn't work as well as hoped but the videos may still be interesting, especially if you speak the native language.

Why do archaeologists only excavate temples and altars?

Has anyone checked these sites for mines beneath them? Could they be ore dumps? At one time at the opening of the Olympics in London in 2012 there was a historical hint about this (the moment when the workers come out of the hill and start industrialization).

The Grand Canyon in the USA - an ancient uranium quarry

The reforestation of the Crimea, as well as the entire planet, apparently began with the founding of the Botanical Gardens. When reading about Botanical Gardens, pay attention to the date of foundation, last name and country of the founder. For example, the date of foundation of the Nikitsky Botanical Garden in Yalta is 1811.

Planet Earth is a giant abandoned mine

Tens of millions more tons of precious metals were mined from the Dead Sea. Several tons of precious metals per day were mined in Baalbek, evaporating the largest river in ancient Lebanon, the Leonte. But they could have extracted the most from the Marianas Trench.

Champa Island stone spheres

Champa Island is very popular with tourists cruising in the Arctic. And no wonder - it contains objects, the origin of which is still not clear, and no explanation seems likely in the near future.